APLEC 2019 (Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Conference)

APLEC 2019 (Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Conference)

14th-16th April 2019 – Educating for Life

The theme of the upcoming Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Conference 2019 (APLEC) is “Educating for Life”, a theme that echoes the mission that Jesus self-declared, that is to bring fullness of life to all (John 10:10). Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, and the example of St John Baptist de La Salle, Lasallian educators aim to live the mandate by recognising the inherent worth and dignity of each person and by providing both human and Christian education.

Located in Melbourne, Australia and hosted by the District of ANZPPNG, APLEC 2019 will welcome delegates from the PARC Region and beyond.  The keynote speakers, of international renown, include Lasallian leaders in educational settings and other notable works, such as Brother Bill Mann, Brother Armin Luistro, Brother Sir Pat Lynch and Ms Tracy Adams. These speakers will animate the theme by presenting their experiences and understandings of the Lasallian mission in a range of contexts.  Eminent educator, Dr Jim Watterson, Dean of Melbourne University Graduate School of Education, and Bishop Mark Edwards, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Melbourne will offer keynotes to further explore the challenges and opportunities that Lasallians are called to respond to.

For further information, please email: .edu.au or contact Brother Adrian Watson, Tercentenary Project Officer on +61-2-9795 6490.

Click HERE to register (https://www.delasalle.org.au/aplec-2019.html)

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