The Story of Jean Baptiste de La Salle for Children

The Story of Jean Baptiste de La Salle for Children

How can we help children to discover Jean-Baptiste de La Salle?

That is what this book sets out to do. It has been produced by a class of 15 year-old secondary school pupils, in conjunction with a class of infants school children. Both groups involved in the project are part of the school complex of La Salle Saint-Bernard in Bayonne. They were led by their class teachers (one infants school teacher and one secondary teacher for plastic arts), by the teacher responsible for school ministry, by Brother Xavier Douceau and by one of the parents who is an illustrator. They worked together for one whole year.

To know more about the story behind the book, go to the website for La Salle Saint Bernard de Bayonne by clicking here!

Their efforts have resulted in this magnificent book which, in just a few pages, presents the key episodes in the life of Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. Each page of short text uses language that is easy to understand. The opposite pages contain illustrations in original artwork created by the pupils of the nursery school class in vivid patches of colour.

It is an indispensible tool for all classes of elementary level!

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