Lasallian Educational Mission

The Secretariat for the Lasallian Educational Mission assists the Brother Superior General and his Council in the implementation of the orientations and actions recommended by the International Assembly for Mission and Association (October-November, 2006) and the 44th General Chapter (May-June, 2007).

The Secretariat makes known the Lasallian international education network.  It promotes communication and the formation of the members of the network, and takes steps to support all the initiatives to put into practice the Lasallian Educational project


  1. To understand the reality of the Lasallian educational network.
  2. To ensure communication and the sharing of educational information among the Districts and Regions.
  3. To promote educational research.
  4. To promote evangelization and initiation in the spiritual life.
  5. To utilize the Services of Lasallian Universities.
  6. To assist and collaborate with other Secretariats and Services in initial and on-going formation.
  7. To produce relevant publications on Lasallian themes such as service to the poor, the rights of the child, and education for justice and current educational trends.
  8. To assist and collaborate with other Secretariats and Services in the planning of the next International Assembly (May 2013) for the Lasallian educational mission.


Lines of Action

  1. To annually gather current educational statistics.
  2. To visit when necessary educational projects in the International Lasallian network.
  3. To promote the exchange of educational publications among Districts and Regions.
  4. To undertake with universities, research on educational projects and themes from the International Assembly.
  5. To stimulate reflection and action on the explicit announcement of the Gospel and pastoral Christian education in general.
  6. To reflect on spiritual education within an ecumenical and inter-faith context.
  7. To participate in the assemblies of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) in order to promote unity within the university network.
  8. To develop collaboration with education departments in Lasallian universities.
  9. To promote initiatives in Lasallian universities at the service of the educational mission in Districts and Regions.
  10. To promote and support Districts and Regions in the development of programs for the initial and on-going formation of educators.
  11. To participate in liaison with the Service of Lasallian Research and Resources and with Regions and Districts in the development of a guide that articulates the essential elements of Lasallian Formation.
  12. To promote enterprising action and on the central themes of recent years, particularly the educational service of the poor, the rights of the child and education for justice.
  13. To make known to the wider educational community Lasallian research on education.

The Secretariat for the Lasallian Education Mission is directed by a Coordinating Secretary who works with an international Council.

The Secretariat for the Lasallian Educational Mission is assisted by aninternational Council composed of the Coordinating Secretary, the Co-Secretary and of members named from each Region of the Institute.


  Structures for the Lasallian Mission of the 21st Century (Part I)
Carmelita I. Quebengco, Co-Secretary, Lasallian Educational Mission

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