Lasallian Volunteers are young people and adults, men and women who live out the Lasallian Mission with Brothers, with other Volunteers and with other persons.

The Lasallian Volunteer Program offers the opportunity to young people and adults to live the spirituality of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, associating themselves for educational service, especially for needy children and young people. Community living is an integral part of the Lasallian Volunteer Program.


  • Volunteers are sensitive to the great challenges of our world and they opt to respond, in solidarity, to the Lasallian educational and evangelizing mission.
  • They make the effort to know and to take an in-depth look at the teaching principles of Saint John Baptist de La Salle – and to make this knowledge come alive.
  • They associate among themselves, with the Brothers and with other Lasallians and they consider community living as an essential part of the Lasallian spirit.
  • The services they render are many, but the objective is singular: to respond to the needs of the human and spiritual growth of children, young people, and also of adults.
  • The Volunteer freely commits himself or herself to render this service at the time established by the program itself, for the short, medium, or long-term.

The Lasallian world offers an ample range of possibilities for the Volunteer Program.

Getting to know them may respond to your wish to choose and to commit yourself, or simply to get to know about them.

Those who wish to commit themselves as Volunteers should consider the following questions as aids in coming to a decision:

  1. What motivates me to commit myself as a Lasallian Volunteer?
  2. What are my expectations? (Of service, apostolate, personal human and spiritual growth…)
  3. What can I offer and what am I willing to offer?
  4. What program, by the type of service involved and by the type of commitment  it demands, attracts me the most?

Keeping in mind the possible limitations of Volunteer programs in terms of the length of commitment and other specifics (time of year, type of service, age, preparation…), contact the person in charge of the Volunteer Program where you would like to commit yourself.

Lasallian Volunteer Programs:

Autralia-NZ- PNG: Volunteer Programs
Colombia: Voluntariado Misionero (Distr. Bogotá)
España: PROYDE
Estados Unidos: Lasallian Volunteers
Italia: Volontariato Lasalliano
: Voluntariado Lasallista (Distr. México Norte)
Reino Unido
: Lasallian Developing World Projects (Great Britain)

We thank you for any supplementary information about Volunteer Programs, as well as on other Lasallian Volunteer Centers not included in this list.


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