• All Forms can now be filled out *on-screen.
  • Information Forms with a due date have a Send button for transmission. Please use it instead of the post.
  • Forms covering Vows or Change of District need multiple signatures, as required by Rule or Chapter legislation. Please print and send by post.
    (*Requires the latest version of the Adobe Reader 7)
Dec 31 V-1 and V-2 Lists of Brothers. A draft version is sent to each District at the end of Oct. for correction
Dec 31 V-10 Initial formation statistics: postulants, novices, and student Brothers
Dec 31 C-2 Historical supplement for the calendar year.
Dec 31dic Jun 30 N-1 List of novices.
Sep 30 V-3 The Educational Mission – Summary.
Dec 31 Mar 31 Jun 30 Sep 30 V-4 TChanges, deaths, and departures of personnel each quarter.

As required
N-3 Minutes of the Chapter held for the admission of novices to first vows.
N-4 Registration form for each newly professed Brother
V-5 T Minutes of the District Chapter for admission to temporary vows.
V-5 P Minutes of the District Chapter for admission to perpetual vows.
V-6 Record of the Vow Ceremony and the making of Vows.
V-11 Transfer from one District to another.

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