Museo La Salle

The museum was designed and produced by Br. Donald Johanson, is composed of a series of spaces that are organized chronologically beginning with exhibits about St. John Baptist de La Salle and concluding with the Lasallian world today.  The focal point of the entrance to the museum is the official portrait of the Founder which was cleaned and restored for the Lasallian Museum by staff who do work for the Vatican Museum. Called “The Leger” it was painted in 1734.

The museum includes three audiovisual presentations: “The Life of John Baptist de La Salle” and  “A History of the Institute” by Br. Donald Johanson, and “I Am Lasallian” by Mr. Scott Gibb, originally created for the 43rd General Chapter and funded by the District of San Francisco.

In the final section of the museum is a display of pennants from various schools throughout the Institute. If you would like to have your school represented in this display, please send a pennant to Br. Pierre Petitjean, Head of the Museum Department.


You needl IPIX (PLUG-IN) installed on your computer to be able to see the Virtual Tour. Go here to install.


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