Signum Fidei – Style of Life



  1. Signum Fidei Fraternity is the official name used in this STYLE OF LIFE, approved by the First International Assembly. This name is confirmed with the exception that the term “fraternity” may not be appropriate in some countries, in which case another name could be used that is similar in meaning to the official one.
  2. In the 1970s, lay persons working throughout the Lasallian world of education asked the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools for permission to commit themselves to educational activities, thereby sharing in the spirit of the Brothers that is proper to them.
    The Institute saw in this request a sign of the times and it offered the possibility of beginning a new lay Lasallian life experience with a characteristic style, called the “Signum Fidei Fraternity.” Brothers Paulus Adams and Manuel Olivé were the promoters of this new, worldwide Lasallian experience.
  3. The seed sown in Rome in 1976 has grown under the action of the Holy Spirit, and today it extends into different world regions and cultures where there is Lasallian influence. The Signum Fidei movement is now found in 29 countries of the world.
  4. The 43rd General Chapter, noting the years of experience of the Fraternity in the Institute, acknowledged Signum Fidei members as Associates for the Lasallian Mission.
  5. The Signum Fidei Fraternity, being a Catholic and open movement, welcomes other baptized Christians who wish to devote themselves to the religious education of the young and extend God’s kingdom, helping children, especially the poor and needy.
  6. Since the Signum Fidei Fraternity is a way of living the Lasallian charism and spirituality in the Church, its members follow a formation process in order to achieve a full living out of the “Style of Life.”
  7. The Signum Fidei Fraternity finds its roots in the spirituality of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The vocation is focused on fundamental Lasallian values: Faith, Zeal for service, and Communion for mission. Members pray for and promote Lasallian vocations. Members strive to be Signs of Faith.
  8. Any person who is connected to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and who lives its Lasallian spirituality and charism can be a member of the Signum Fidei Fraternity.


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