ILDP 2014

We  are pleased to officially  announce the theme for the International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP) for 2014:


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty to Build Peace.

IDLP14-Poster-EnFollowing  up on the outcomes of the 3rd International Symposium of Young Lasallians, this year’s ILDP focuses on the  movement to eradicate of poverty, particularly as it affects access to nutrition and survival. As the Lasallian Family we want to take up Pope Francis’ appeal to support the Caritas International’s #Food4All Campaign. This appeal provides us with the opportunity to study how the promotion of peace and the cycles of poverty are related.

In  this sense, we would like this year’s ILDP to be an opportunity for all members of the Lasallian Family to engage in  learning and action around issues of

  • Fair Trade
  • Ethical Retail Practices
  • Food Consumption Practices
  • Issues of hunger in   our communities

At  the same time, all Lasallians are free to engage their communities, groups, and institutions on whichever aspect publicising  and fostering hunger awareness and peace they deem most appropriate, given their local contexts. The  initiatives of study, prayer, and action in the various Districts and Regions could take the form of, but are not limited  to, the following:

  • Volunteer work experiences (locally or abroad);
  • Personal challenges and commitments to living a simpler less consumerist life-­‐style, to promote justice & peace;
  • Assembly activities in schools;
  • Prayer services;
  • Workshops / Campaigns / Art Exhibitions;
  • Peaceful marches;
  • Sending of letters to local authorities calling for Peace in specific areas of conflict;
  • Intercultural or Inter-­‐religious activities.
  • Reach out to a local branch of Caritas to support, or learn more about the #Food4all campaign.
  • Support a Lasallian project focusing on this theme.

As  has been custom in recent years, this initiative will range from September 21st -­‐ the United Nations’ sanctioned International Day of Peace -­‐ to Tuesday, October 21st 2014. Over the years we have come across some initiatives that span over the entire month-­‐long period, and others which were planned on a specific day. All are welcome to adapt  this month-­‐long initiative as they see best.

As  an international network, we depend on healthy communication to sustain our growth and work. Hence, we encourage you to share with us any relevant resources, plans, programmes, and materials related to the theme of ‘Peace’ and ‘Breaking the cycle of Poverty’ via .   This will certainly be useful to other groups in preparation for their event.

International Council of Young Lasallians



International Lasallian Days of Peace – 2014

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