Venezuela – Brother Solomon’s “miracle”

The diocesan inquiry about an alleged miracle attributed to Brother Solomon Leclercq concluded on September 30, 2011 The inquiry was begun in January 2011.

The alleged miracle has to do with the inexplicable cure of a child, María Alejandra Hernández, a resident of Casar Hogar de la Ermita del Hatillo, who had been bitten by a very venomous snake. Against all odds, the girl survived for two days after the bite with no medical intervention of any kind. When she was taken to the hospital to have her leg amputated in order to save her life, she regained her health and the use of her leg suddenly and without explanation as if nothing had happened in the first place.

Sisters, children, and the faithful of the La Ermita, led by Father Rafael Febres Cordero, had ardently pleaded to Blessed Brother Solomon on her behalf in front of a statue of him located next to the altar of the church. The closing ceremony for the diocesan inquiry was presided by Bishop Pedro Nicolás Bermúdez, who was sent as the personal envoy of Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, Archbishop of Caracas and a former student of Colegio La Salle, La Colina. Many other dignitaries were also in attendance, including members of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, Reverend Trino Fernández, the appointed judge, Reverend Francisco Morales, Promoter of Justice, Dr. Manuel Guzmán, medical expert and Doña María de Fleury, notary public. Also in attendance was Brother Rodolfo Cosimo Meoli, Postulator General for the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Rome. The Vice-Postulator, Dr. Santiago Uson, was joined there by many Brothers, including Brother Gerardo Castillo, Visitador, and by many priests, Sisters, seminarians and lay faithful.

Since Brother Postulator General was present in Caracas, the International Academy of Hagiography in Venezuela appointed him a “Corresponding Member of the Academy for Italy” in a ceremony carried out in the afternoon of September 28 at the office of the President of the Academy Doctor Rodolfo Rodríguez.

(S. Uson, Vice-Postulator)

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