Argentina – Death of Bro. Fermín Gaínza

Argentina – Death of Bro. Fermín Gaínza

On March 13, 2011, at 91 years and 2 months old died Bro. Fermín Gaínza.

Poet, painter and sculptor, he was, above all, a man of faith who discovered Jesus Christ as the key to his life right from the novitiate and tried to grow in permanent surrender in prayer and in charitable service. He was a great servant and faithful friend of the poor and also a calm and very clear teacher. His understanding of Lasallian teaching, above all of Mental Prayer and the Founder’s Method, led to his collaborating in retreats in many Districts, including Rome.

He joined the Provincialate Community of the former District of Argentina as Auxiliary Visitor in the 80s along with Bros. Genaro Sáenz de Ugarte and Remigio Rohr.

The Community of La Salle in Cordoba, kept vigil over his remains in the Novitiate Chapel in Villa Warcalde on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning. The Eucharist was celebrated on Wednesday at 18.30 and on Thursday before removal to the Crematorium. He was laid to rest finally in the Columbarium (which he himself designed and built) along with all the other Brothers of the District.

“Thanks for everything” were his last words. With him and for him, let us unite ourselves to this sentiment in the risen Jesus, the great eucharist of humanity.

Tribute to Fermín Gainza

(Br. Santiago Rodriguez Mancini. Visitor of Argentina-Paragua)

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