Chapter tasks

Chapter tasks

It has been three weeks since the Brothers Capitulants arrived in Rome and the General Chapter has progressed at a nice clip from what most of the participants are saying.

If the actions of the Chapter are a source of satisfaction, it is not by chance. It must be stated that the work of a number of persons, even the planning beforehand, are the reason for things going as well as they are.

Let us begin with the Brothers of the Central Commission responsible for determining the Chapter’s precise program. The general plan of action is known but the seven Brothers who are part of this commission gather several times during the day to adjust the schedule and to give direction to the discussions and work orientations of the various sub-groups.

Without the Brothers alternating in the translation booths, communication between Capitulants would be impossible. This work demands much concentration and attention taking into account the sometimes rapid speed of speakers. Because of the energy needed, pauses take place during the sessions so that the translators can catch their breath. Besides sessions requiring simultaneous translation, these Brothers are also responsible for translating minutes, documents, and daily reports (chronicles) as needed.

Brother Secretaries (one for each language) can be found in the rear of the Chapter Hall responsible for taking written notes of each intervention. At the end of sessions, they meet to share their notes and develop the official account, translated into the three languages, which will be approved by the Capitulants 24 hours later. It should be noted that the entire proceeding in the Chapter Hall is recorded for the Archives.

The Generalate’s Communications Office is responsible for managing Google Drive allowing everyone “at a click” to retrieve the necessary documents for the task involved. This team includes a woman and is responsible for taking care of any technological challenges as well as assisting with problems and uploading all necessary information.

A Brother is responsible for providing information and daily insures on large screens that the schedule, other announcements and special events that mark the day, such as birthdays, are transmitted… well as photos both current, of the Capitulants, and historical.

The Brothers pray in language groups located in three different chapels as well as in common in the Church on certain occasions. The Chapter’s Liturgical Team provides high quality and attention in assisting with prayer services and in preparing communal liturgical celebrations.

Let us not forget the work of the Secretary General and his office, together with those responsible for welcoming the Brothers at the beginning of the Chapter as they arrived at airports. The logistics team involved was a model of efficiency!

How can we forget the Food Service and all the Brothers of the Generalate Community who have give their all to insure that we as well as our needs are taken care of with great attention.

To everyone involved, our most sincere Thank You!



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