Second Phase of the 45th General Chapter

Second Phase of the 45th General Chapter

The Brother capitulants have begun the second phase of the 45th General Chapter which led to the presentation of the report of the Brother Superior and the General Council. A good number of Brothers and lay colleagues presented an assessment of what they experienced in the last seven years in the areas of formation, the educational mission, the Lasallian Family, communications, Lasallian research, the 2013 International Mission Assembly, the international meeting of young Brothers, the International Assembly of the Signum Fidei Fraternity, the International Symposium of Young Lasallians, the future of the Generalate buildings and the financial situation of the Institute.

In each of these reports we identified past success, challenges that have to be faced and proposals for the future.

The central government of the Institute is made up of ten Brothers. Three times yearly all meet for a period of one month in Rome. The Institute is divided into five Regions: Asia (PARC), Europe and the Middle East (RELEM), Africa (RELAF), North America (RELAN) and Latin America (RELAL). A General Councillor leads each Region with a team located within the Region. This leadership structure has given good results in the leadership of Districts, especially at times when the restructuring and coming together of Districts and Sectors was in play.

After the presentation of all these reports, the capitulants gathered in language groups and in Regional groups to identify the principal themes that emerged from the report. These themes will be treated in the coming weeks in thematic groups. Those groups will then offer to the Chapter some lines of action for the future.

Among other events in the city of Rome there was the Canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. We entrust to these new saints this 45th General Chapter so that the Institute will continue to respond to the mission that the Church has entrusted to it and which the world hopes of us.


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