To the Lasallian Community

To the Lasallian Community

The District of Antillas-México expresses its heartfelt thanks for the concern, help, support, prayers and other expressions of solidarity from all the Districts of our Lasallian Family in the world.

The earthquake, registering 7.1, which shook the centre of México on the 19th of September, caused deaths and material damage. Thanks be to God neither the students nor the faculty suffered physically although there was some damage to the buildings.

We are continuing to inspect the buildings to insure the safety of our students and faculty when classes are allowed to resume while supporting the efforts of the Government and society at large to help those in need.

As Lasallians, this is a moment that allows us to demonstrate who we and remind ourselves of the strength of our Lasallian Family which is to “remain united”!

We remain in solidarity in the face of the needs of our brothers and sisters in México.

Heartfelt thanks for being with us…

Indivisa Manent

What is united – remains

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