News from South Sudan

News from South Sudan

The people of South Sudan are ready for a process of healing and rebuilding links, while still putting up with their difficulties. The mood is one of growing optimism. The situation in the country is more stable. Displaced people are beginning to return to their homes. Things are generally calm, but sometimes the presence of rebels discourages them from making an immediate return. Juba is calm and stable, but much remains to be done by way of restoring law and order. Some country roads which had been closed because of the lack of maintenance and for reasons of security are now open again. However the economy is still in a total mess and lots of people are going hungry in what is a bankrupt country.

I am adding some photographs of the new Lasallian school in Rumbek, South Sudan. We are housed in the Loreto Girls Secondary School. I am here with Brother Jean Pierre from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is 64, and he speaks English quite well.

We have been given a classroom for our 26 pupils. They are all from Rumbek. Eight of them were following secondary school classes in the Loreto Primary School.

The chief of the region has given us a property of 48 hectares, and we expect to have an agreement with the government soon.

This year, the plan is to construct two classrooms, a dormitory and the Community residence for the Brothers, and also to erect a fence around the property. We will be adding one classroom per year until the building is complete.

Brother Joseph Alak

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