Signum Fidei Chile – Meeting with Brother Superior Robert Schieler

Signum Fidei Chile – Meeting with Brother Superior Robert Schieler

Santiago de Chile, La Florida 02 September 2018 – On Wednesday the 27th of August, the Signum Fidei members of Chile had the great happiness of being invited to participate in a meeting with Brother Superior General Robert Schieler. His visit was organised by the National Leadership Team of Signum Fidei, and the meeting took place in Instituto La Salle, La Florida. The Brothers who participated included the General Councillor, Paulo Petry, the representative of the Brother Visitor in Chile, Eduardo Muñoz, the Director of Postulancy and National Assessor for Signum Fidei, Juan Báez, the Rector of the Colegio la Salle La Reina, Mario Silva, a member of the Brothers’ Community of the college, Sergio Moreno. Also present were the Coordinators Boris Quiroz, Teresa Torres, Sergio Espinoza and Hugo Santibáñez, the Secretary Ximena González, the President of ENAFSF, Claudio Báez, and the members of the Local Fraternities of La Florida, Santa Rosa De Lima, Talca and Valparaíso.

It was a day full of the Holy Spirit and fraternity. Brother Juan Báez as National Assessor gave the welcoming address, saying how happy we were to have the presence of Brother Superior General. Next, the President of Signum Fidei Chile, Claudio Báez, spoke about the history of our Fraternity and expressed thanks for the way in which it encourages the sharing of our vocation as Lasallians, lay people consecrated in the charisma and spirituality of our Founder St Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. It inspires our lives with a rich Christian faith through our personal and community plans for apostolic activity, preferably in the area of Christian education, catechesis and pastoral action and mission.

Brother Robert then addressed some words to us in which he outlined his story as a De La Salle Brother and as Superior General. Among other things he said, “When I was elected Brother Superior, I had difficulty in overcoming my surprise. People asked me what I hoped to achieve, and it was the Holy Spirit who answered for me. Whatever we are going to achieve, we will achieve all together. That is how a community remains strong .”

“As adults we have failed young people. In my country, it is becoming increasingly difficult to establish a civilised conversation in which people talk without intolerance. We must develop a dialogue which is in reality a proclamation of the gospel and the teaching of Jesus.” 

“It is precisely the networks which include the distinct sectors such as the schools, the Brothers, the Universities and the members of Signum Fidei, which maintain the strength of the Lasallian spirit. In this sense they are builders of faith.”

“I am sure that this spirit will not die so long as our links and networks remain strong.”

[…] After that, a gift was presented symbolic of our Lasallian movment in the form of our Insignia, which reflects our Faith, Service and Fraternity. It was presented in the shape of a crystal figurine, reflecting his visit and our fraternity “Be today Signs of faith, builders of Fraternity, Ambassadors of the Love of God”.

We are grateful for the visit to our Fraternity by Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, and the Councillor General Brother Paulo Petry. We also thank all the De la Salle Brothers and Brother Edgar Nicodem, Visitor of the Distrito Brasil-Chile, who organised this meeting and gave us the opportunity to have a true experience of Lasallian Fraternity.


Live Jesus in our hearts. For ever! 

Claudio Báez
President of Signum Fidei Chile



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