“Those unforgettable times (1684-1694)”. The new book of Br. Josean Villalabeitia

“Those unforgettable times (1684-1694)”. The new book of Br. Josean Villalabeitia

Now you can discover one of the most essential stages of the life of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, acquiring the last book of Brother Josean Villalabeitia “Those unforgettable times (1684-1694)“, where this time of the life of the founder of the Brothers of Christian Schools straight from the witness of his contemporary Brother Gabriel Drolin.

It is a compilation of interesting memories for those who wish to better understand the first adventure of that singular canon of Rheims and his first teachers of poor children through a fictional story, which is not without a certain base presented in a simple and easy to read way.

The book can be purchased at Ediciones, and you can download the free version for ePub, Mobi and PDF at the following links:

Complete book in ePub format (compatible with most electronic readers).

Complete book in MOBI format (compatible with Amazon Kindle).

Complete book in PDF format (to read on computer).

In addition, the digital version includes a section of documentary sources in the section “Critical notes to fiction” that distinguishes it from the paper version.

“Concerning Brother Gabriel Drolin, faithful to his promise and vocation,  inseparably united to his virtuous Superior, nothing in the world has been able to take him out from his holy state: neither the remoteness of the places, nor the offering of perks, nor the furious shaking endured by the community in France so often during his absence, nor the departure of numerous Brothers, nor the civil death of Mr. De La Salle. I call civil death to his flight and removal from Paris that he was forced to do to hide from the fury of his persecutors.

This good Brother, the oldest and the dean of all, currently, with 72 years, returned from Rome, where he had been sent and where he spent twenty-six years by order of Mr. De La Salle. He retired in Avignon. Having studied and received the tonsure before entering the new Institute, he was qualified to hold benefits and occupy certain positions; but his virtue, put to the test at this point on several occasions, always came out victorious. Because of the first vow made to the Most Holy Trinity, he preferred to remain abject in the house of the Lord to leave and reach a position among the beneficiaries, or to occupy positions of distinction” (Jean-Baptista Blain, 1733).

Biography of the author:
Brother Josean Villalabeitia (Bilbao, 1955) has worked in different schools and colleges in Spain and Africa. He is currently professor at the Higher Center for University Studies “La Salle” in Aravaca (Madrid). For more than a decade he has devoted a large part of his efforts to Lasallian Spirituality encouraging spiritual retreats, teaching courses, giving lectures and directing other activities in many countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. This book bears the number eleven among his publications on spirituality and Lasallian stories.





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