Lasallian District of Brazil-Chile

Lasallian District of Brazil-Chile

Brother Superior General visits our establishments in Brazil

There were five days of visits and other activities in the Lasallian establishments, north and south, plus meetings with Brothers, pupils and collaborators.

Between October the 28th and November the 3rd, the Brother Superior General of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the General Councillor for the Lasallian Region of Latin American (RELAL), Brother Paulo Petry, were in Brazil visiting various religious and educational communities of the Lasallian District of Brazil-Chile.

The series of visits began in Ananindeua/PA on October the 30th, when Brother Robert visited the Brothers’ Community and was able to listen to experiences of the pre-postulants and Brothers of Ananindeua and Zé Doca/MA.

On the 1st of November, Brother Robert went to the community house in Salud Nossa Senhora da Estrela, Porto Alegre/RS, which is the residence for Brothers who are in greater need of health care. Brother Superior took the opportunity to thank the Brothers of the Community, for their fidelity and vocational witness, which they continue to express through their prayers.

The next visit was to the Colegio Sao Joao in Porto Alegre/RS. On this occasion, Brother Robert met with the teaching staff for a conversation in the staff room, when he thanked them for the work that they are carrying out in the mission of educating children and young people.

In the auditorium of the Colegio, he met with pupils from various centres in Porto Alegre and the Región Metropolitana. It was a time for a conversation between Brother Robert and the students. One representative from each of the establishments present had the opportunity to put a question to Brother Superior. The participating establishments were Colegio La Salle Canoas; Colegio La Salle Dores, Escuela La Salle Esmeralda, Colegio La Salle Niterói, Colegio la Salle Pão dos Pobres, Colegio La Salle Santo Antônio, Escuela La Salle Sapucaia and Colegio La Salle São João.

On the morning of the 2nd of November, the day for commemorating the deceased, there was a meeting with the Brothers and staff of the Universidad La Salle, Canoas/RS. It started with a eucharistic celebration of a ‘Mass of Hope’, said by Father Darley Kummer in the San José chapel, in memory of the deceased Brothers, former pupils and collaborators.

After that, in the “Brother Bruno Ruedell” auditorium, the Brothers listen attentively to the words of Brother Robert as he spoke about perspectives for the future of the Institute. At the end of his talk, there was a time for questions and discussions, in which the Brothers could share and compare their experiences in their religious life and educational mission. The meeting concluded with a meal in the Qoppa restaurant, situated in the University.

In the afternoon, Brother Robert joined the young people in formation in the De La Salle Community of Niterói, Canoas/RS. The visit included a time for panel discussion and sharing of experiences. Brother Robert took the opportunity to answer doubts and queries expressed by the young people concerning consecrated religious life and the importance of the mission to be a De La Salle Brother.

The 3rd of November was devoted to a meeting with collaborators of the De La Salle Network. It took place in the auditorium of the Colegio La Salle Santo Antonio, Porto Alegre/RS. More than 190 collaborators from the educational community were present. In his address, Brother Robert expressed his thanks for the part played by the teachers, and he stressed the importance of having laystaff in schools.

In one of the meetings, Brother Robert referred to the importance for children and young people that there be growth and continuity in a quality education that is recognised as excellent throughout the world.

 “For me, working as a network is very important, and not only in Brazil. We need to grow and to focus our skills on working together. If we are successful in our mission, we will be able to do much more for children and young people. We can be a very powerful force for good. Take a look at the statistics for our Institute. There are 1,000 schools in 80 different countries, 90,000 collaborators in the educational mission, 1,000,000 students receiving a holistic human education. If we work more and more in unison, just imagine how much we could continue to expand in numbers. The people who can help us in this growth are precisely our customers: our pupils and our students who will be our future in a tomorrow that is very close”, as Brother Robert highlighted in one of the meetings, explaining the importance of children and young people in the growth and permanence of the education of excellence that is well known around the world.

This meeting on November the 3rd marked the end of their time in Brazil for Brothers Robert Schieler and Paulo Petry.

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