District Brazil-Chile – Cyclone in Mozambique

District Brazil-Chile – Cyclone in Mozambique

Message from Brother Olavo, Visitor of Brazil-Chile

Dear Brothers and Lay Lasallians,

At noon, we received the expected call from Mozambique, from Brother Sebastião Lopes Pereira, Coordinator of the sector.

Communication is still very difficult, but the Brother was able to make this contact.

On the facts (cyclone and its effects), Brother Sebastião confirmed what is being reported, that is, a lot of destruction.

The Brothers are all well, and operating in what they can to fix the region, and also help people nearby who are in need.

There was a lot of damage, and still no one can really say how much, nor can they send us photos, because of the difficulty in communicating. The fact is that it will take time to rebuild everything that has been destroyed or damaged.

Brother Sebastião says that there were many casualties, especially in some regions and parts of the city of Beira. They still do not know if there were any victims among the students, or relatives of teachers, because without communication it is complicated.

Brothers and students have some goods in stock, not much, and the fact that the main hospital has announced that they can no longer receive anyone is worrisome. Outbreaks of disease are beginning to appear. The supplies are becoming more expensive, and humanitarian aid is slow to arrive. They cannot leave with vehicles, because the streets are blocked by trees and poles.

The new College underwent a lot of damage, so much that it has to be rebuilt. Also, the John XXIII was quite damaged, as well as the Community of CEALS.

They have Electric Power through the generator, to keep what is essential running, and no one knows when public energy will return.


We are in contact with the Embassy and Caritas in Brasilia to see if it is possible to send supplies and materials. As soon as we get back, we will invite our communities to help.

It will be important to help with financial resources, as they will need to rebuild some parts of the works, and to buy materials that have been lost […].

We will study possible ways to help, and we will introduce you to all who can join us.

We wish the Brothers of Beira and the Lasallians associated with them to have strength, faith and courage. We stay together in such a time and will do everything possible to help this population who needs it so much.

May St. Joseph intercede through God. Saint Joseph!
Pray for us.


Brother Olavo – Visitor Brazil-Chile
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