A day in our history #300LaSalle

A day in our history #300LaSalle

A day in our history and in the history of humanity
(The great book of news – Rome)

It isa time ofhope,but also of great issues for humanity.Our days are filled with concerns such as climate change,immigration,extremism,fake news,recession,ecology, political chaos(anda thousand more).Critical issuesare sometimes replaced, diminished or trivialized by international or local trends, which set the pace of information on Twitter.Millions of robots manipulate information and generaterigged political tendencies while we become uncertain about what to believe and who to believe in.

On April 7, 2019, we will commemorate St. John Baptist de La Salle, his life and legacy, as well as the vitality of his message 300 years later. This is the reason why we wantto leave a historic and symbolic document about the history of our world today.

We will fulfill this project by collecting the printed newspapers of eachcity, town or region where a Lasallian presence currently exists.The news of April 7, 2019, gathered in Rome will form a great book, a picture of the reality of our world.

In order toachieve this,we would like to ask that you:

  1. Pick two newspapers (printed newspapers) which most represent your city, town or Region.
  2. Cut out the cover page of each one of them (with the name of the newspaper, city, date, and titles of the key news of the day). 
  3. Send these pages to Rome by any certified mail service or with someone traveling to 
  4. Rome to the following address:

Brother Alexánder González Morales, FSC
Via Aurelia 476, CP 00165
Rome Italy
REF:NewspaperApril 7,2019

Here we will collect all the documents that arrive within June 7, 2019. We will then prepare a great book with all the cover pages.This book will be kept at the Generalate until the end of the Lasallian Jubilee Year. Then it will be stored in the La Salle Museum in Rome,in theArchives of the Institute.

Thank you for your appreciated collaboration.

Communications andTechnologyService

Generalate – Rome

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