Abidjan: Mass on the occasion of the Tricentenary

Abidjan: Mass on the occasion of the Tricentenary

The Brothers of the Christian Schools present here in Ivory Coast, did not stay apart from of the commemoration of the tercentenary of the birth in heaven of their Founder, Saint John Baptist De La Salle. Indeed, in accordance with the certificate issued by his Eminence, Jean Pierre Cardinal KUTWA, Archbishop of Abidjan, the Good Shepherd Parish of the Archdiocese of Abidjan was designated as a place where Christians can receive partial or full indulgences, on the occasion of the Tercentenary Jubilee. Thus, this Sunday, March 3rd took place the celebration of the mass among other activities related to this event here in Ivory Coast.

The Brothers from the Regional House, the Brothers from the Foyer Akwaba, the Brothers from the Scholasticate and from Good Shepherd communities and the collaborators came together to live and celebrate this event with the parishioners of Good Shepherd. Mass began at 9am with a procession including the Brothers. At the beginning of the Mass presided by the parish priest, Father Jean-Pierre OUEDRAOGO, with three priests concelebrating, Brother BAKO Pierre Aymard took the floor to welcome the collaborators, the students of CELAF, the Religious, the guests and the lay faithful to this celebration. He also announced the news that brings together this august assembly: the birth in heaven of Saint John Baptist De La Salle.

So he presented the Institute by answering these main questions: who are the Brothers? What do they do? Where are they? During the liturgy, the Brothers participated in the animation by singing three songs. After the collection, there was a procession of symbols. Two Brothers did the procession with these different symbols composed of the statue of the Founder and a painting on which is written LA SALLE with the star between the two words, sign of faith for the Brothers.

The assembly closely followed the different meanings of these symbols, which express the great wealth of lasallian spirituality and charism, bequeathed by the holy Founder. Before the final blessing, Brother Valère ADONSOU thanked the entire parish community, especially the parish priest for his involvement and determination in organizing this event. The Parish priest wished the Brothers a happy jubilee and thanked them for the choice of his parish. He invited the faithful to participate in the spiritual exercises of the parish to enjoy many and holy graces. He reiterated his commitment to collaborate on other activities.

At the end of the mass, booklets and images of the Holy Founder were distributed to the parishioners to make known Saint John Baptist De La Salle and the lasallian family working for humane and Christian education of children and young people, especially the most disadvantaged in the world. May God grant us many holy vocations for a more committed and engaging lasallian educational mission for the benefit of children and young people in search of meaning, and live Jesus in our hearts, forever! Brother Elisée P. LARE Saint Miguel Scholasticate

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