Brother VICTORINO Arnaud Pagès is VENERABLE

Brother VICTORINO Arnaud Pagès is VENERABLE

The Decree on the “heroic virtues”, approved by Pope Francis Saturday 6 April 2003, raised this Brother of French origin but who lived for 50 years in Cuba, to the rank of Venerable.

Soon after he joined to the Brothers of the Christian Schools, due to the expulsion of the religious from France at the beginning of the 20th century, he was forced to go into exile. This  was in 1905. From Montreal, Canada, where he had first taken refuge with many others, he offered to go and found new schools in Cuba. This Caribbean island welcomed him and it was there that he worked from 1905 until 1961, when another persecution meant another bitter exile. In Cuba he was able to adapt in a wonderful way and worked equally wonderfully. He was the founder of the La Salle Association in 1919, of the male and female Catholic Action in 1928, of the Catholic University Hostel in 1946 and of the Catholic Family Movement in 1953.

Exiled a second time by the dictator Fidel Castro in 1961, he spent his remaining energy trying to reorganize the various associations he founded among Cubans scattered in New York, Miami and other Caribbean countries. He died in San Juan de Puerto Rico on April 16, 1966.

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