Vietnam – A Lasallian day of vocation

Vietnam – A Lasallian day of vocation

The meeting was held at La San Maithon, a center formation house of the De La Salle Christian Brothers in Vietnam. The theme for the day was “Loi Goi La San” (A Lasallian Call). There were 120 young men and women, who came from parishes, boarding houses and communities of La Salle Brothers and Sisters.

The aim of the day was to invite the young men and women to experience how De La Salle Brothers and Sisters live and what missions they have in the Church. The intention was to introduce them to religious life as La Salle Brothers and Sisters. 

The vocation day was filled with various activities, including presentations, questions and sharing, dancing, pair activities and personal interviews for Lasallian vocations.

The speakers for the two presentations were Brother James Nhut, who spoke about the Founder and Lasallian vocations, and Brother Simon Thien, who introduced the Lasallian mission.

Br. Simon Thien, FSC

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