A day at the Fratelli Project!

Read now the fourth report of this socio-educational program for refugee boys, girls, and young people of Syrian and Iraqi nationality.

With this report, we wish to take you through the classrooms and playgrounds of the Fratelli Project to show you the faces of its beneficiaries and the stories of those who, in our centers, have found their childhood and the hope of a different future.

It was in 2016 when the Marist Brothers and the De La Salle Brothers decided to join forces to open the international community of the Fratelli Project, in Saida and Beirut, Lebanon. A small Mediterranean country with only 4 million inhabitants, Lebanon was inundated with the arrival of 1.5 million refugees fleeing war in Syria and religious persecution in Iraq.

The Fratelli Project reached out to all children excluded from the Lebanese school system, to mothers to train for a new job and to young teenagers to catch up and build their future.

Since then, the Fratelli Project has grown and created, every day, an educational opportunity for hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and vulnerable Lebanese who would not have had it otherwise.

This report will provide you with a taste of Fratelli’s meaning during a single day’s activities.  This unique, creative, and effective socio-educational program creates bridges of peace where walls once existed.