Brother Superior General visits Lebanon

Arriving in Lebanon on 3 March 2024, Brother Armin Luistro, Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, visited the Collège des Frères-Deddeh. He was accompanied by Brothers Joël Palud, General Councillor, Habib Zraïbe, Visitor, Coordinator André-Pierre Gauthier, Coordinator, as well as Brothers Sami Hatem and Miguel Quécan.

As this was the Superior General’s first visit to the school, he was able to find out about the various activities and projects of the College, as well as talk to community members and students.

On his arrival, Brother Armin and the delegation accompanying him were welcomed by the management team, consisting of the headmaster, the directors of the various school cycles, the administrative managers and representatives of the parents’ and teachers’ committees. After a brief presentation of the school, the headmaster, Gilbert El Hallal, welcomed Brother Superior, thanking him and appreciating his visit, pointing out all the challenges facing education.

The whole group then set off on a tour of the school, a tour through the different educational areas (classrooms, workshops, courses, cultural and sports centres, etc.), including the Centre de Vie, which specialises in helping children with special needs. Brother Superior received a presentation of the mission, role and tasks of the centre’s team, also receiving details of the various programmes and activities offered, as well as the situation of these children within the College.

Afterwards, Brother Superior visited the different school cycles, warmly welcomed by the students and the various teaching teams.

Finally, a meeting was held with delegates from the secondary classes, those from Deddeh and Kfaryachite, the Young Lasallians and the Scouts. The meeting included a discussion and conversation with the young students, who had the opportunity to share their experiences, concerns and aspirations regarding education and the future.

During the visit Brother Armin also had occasion to recall his previous visit to Lebanon, when, as Minister of National Education in his country, he had not been able to free himself from “certain constraints” imposed by his political status; ʺreturning as a Brother was certainly more pleasantʺ he reported. He also emphasised the major changes that had taken place in Lebanon, the difficult political and financial situation, which undoubtedly had serious repercussions for Lasallian works and their future.

Appreciating the Lebanese Lasallians’ decision to remain anchored in their country despite all the challenges they courageously face, Brother Armin acknowledged how noble is their mission to maintain hope, light and thus life in a country increasingly overrun by darkness and widespread destruction.