Celebrations of #300LaSalle in Thessaloniki

Alexandra Lapouridou
Deputy Director at De La Salle College, Thessaloniki

Greece is part of the RELEM (Lasallian Region of Europe and Mediterranean) and it is included in the District of France together with Switzerland and Reunion Island.

In this Country there are two communities of Brothers with four members in all (Hermoupolis Syros and Asvestochory) and four works in Alimos, Hermoupolis Syros, Pirea and Pefka Thesalonique. There are two other establishments of the Ursuline Sisters in Athen (a Primary School and a College).  

On the occasion of the celebration of the tercentenary from the death of the Founder, John Baptist de La Salle, in the past days the theatrical production of “The Life and Mission of Jean Baptiste De La Salle, 300 years” was presented in the packed Events Hall at De La Salle College.

The production brought to life the story
of the boy born in 1651 in Reims, France, who assisted in people’s salvation,
was ordained, bravely and selflessly gave all his wealth to the indigent and,
in true form of an innovative educator, devoted his life to teaching.

The audience followed the journey of a
role model through the past, present and future, via deconstructed facts and
commentary that allowed for a more experimental setting into an everlasting
journey. Within the play, alternating episodes directed in a cinematic fashion
took the audience through the birth and coming of age of Jean Baptiste De La
Salle in a society rife with conflict, such as the one in France at that time,
to the foundation and establishment of his schools, the attacks on him at the
hands of his opponents, up to the evaluation of his life just before his

Some 500 guests, parents and alumni enthusiastically
applauded over 100 students, teachers and graduates who were part of the play
and helped commemorate the 300th anniversary of Jean Baptiste De La
Salle’s death, thus completing the 2019 festivities in all Lasallian schools in
Greece. Brothers Nicolas
and Marios, the President of the Lasallian mission in Greece, Stavroula Kanellopoulou,
the General Director of Saint-Paul in Piraeus and De La Salle, Alimos Mr
Antonis Rigoutsos, the presidents of the Parents and Guardian Associations, as
well as alumni members, all graced us with their presence.

In his welcoming speech, the General
Director of De La Salle College in Thessaloniki, Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos,
greeted the entire Lasallian family and congratulated all those who contributed
in the production. All attendees were given a book of stories in French about
the life of Jean Baptiste De La Salle, as well as 300-year commemorative
t-shirts bearing the logo “One Heart, One Commitment, One Life.”

300 years and on, love, solidarity,
acceptance and respect for diversity, along with caring for those who are
vulnerable, remain as the fundamental tenets of Lasallian schooling and
education, touching the hearts of children and adults and giving meaning to
their lives.

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RELEM – Région Lasallienne Europe Méditerranée

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District de France

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La Salle Thessalonique