Closing meeting of the activities of AMEL 2022

The Assembly included moments of sharing, reflection and prayer, as well as discussion and group work on the perspectives for the educational setting  in Brazil and Chile.

After three days of intense work in the Centro de Eventos Cristo Rei (CECREI) São Leopoldo/RS – Brazil, the Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission (AMEL) 2022 of the Brazil-Chile District came to a close on September 2. The theme of the Assembly was “Education in hope and care”. From August 31, Brothers and lay Lasallians, representatives of the educational communities of Brazil and Chile gathered for the final meeting of the Assembly with the aim of discussing proposals and insights for the District in the next four years.

AMEL 2022 began in March with the activities of the Preparatory Phase, which included four meetings and involved more than 600 Lasallians. At this stage, Brothers, students, families, educators and partners were invited to participate and contribute ideas and suggestions for the Lasallian Educational Mission through a participatory and democratic process.

During the meetings of the preparatory phase, those involved had the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the development of the Educational Mission since the last AMEL. They were able to have a look at the current reality of the District, and also at the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. At this stage, each unit was able to elect a representative to coordinate the activities of the preparatory phase in the respective educational communities and to participate as a delegate in the final meeting, with the right to voice and vote.

On the basis of the discussions held, it was possible to establish proposals and perspectives for the Lasallian Educational Mission for the next four years, considering the current contexts of society, education and the Church. All the proposals and questions raised during this phase were used as an aid during the activities of the Final Meeting.

From the Final Phase of the AMEL, the group of Delegates, made up of members of the Educational Mission Council and representatives of Social Assistance in Brazil and of Basic and Higher Education in Brazil and Chile, was able to add to the elements brought from the Educational Communities the propositions of the 46th General Chapter -the world Assembly of the De La Salle Brothers- and of the International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission – AIMEL, which brought together Brothers and Lasallians from all continents.

With all the elements accessible, as well as conferences and formative activities that contributed to animate the debate, the participants were able to analyse and discuss the proposals and vote among the perspectives that could be drafted during the Final Meeting. All of this was done with a view to the next four-year period of the Educational Mission of the Lasallian Brazil-Chile District considering the different educational scenarios in the world based on the directives of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Latin American Lasallian Region – RELAL.