Directors of Educational Institutions of RELEM (ASSEDIL) meet at the Generalate

This week it is being held at the Generalate in Rome the Formation the 11th session organised jointly by RELEM and ASSEDIL (Association of Directors of Lasallian Educational Institutions).

On this occasion, 35 directors of educational centres from all RELEM Districts will have the opportunity to come together to share their experiences as directors and to network with other schools in the Region, experiencing the international dimension of the Institute. All this while taking on the inevitable linguistic challenges.

Internationality and networking

This session means a great opportunity for the directors to get to know in depth the reality of each of the RELEM Districts, as well as ASSEDIL, the appreciation of its international dimension and the benefits of networking.

The topics covered will be “Mission and Identity”, with the assistance of Brother Paco Chiva; and “Lasallian pedagogy”, based on the reality of the new learning context of the District Arlep, which will be presented by Ms. Izaskun Ortega and Mr. David Urtasun.

Some examples of leadership within the Lasallian community will also be presented, with the help of Mr. Geert Mortier, from the Delegation of Belgium North, and there will be an in-depth study of educational pastoral ministry, sharing the point of view of France on the basis of the document: “A route of formation in justice”.

Likewise, the session will deal with the subject of Solidarity, by means of different perspectives, like the experience of Scampia, presented by Br. Enrico Muller; the Office of Solidarity and Development, presented by Ms. Laura Ballerini, as well as the solidarity initiatives of Young Lasallians, presented by Mr. Mourad Barsoum.

Finally, there will be an opportunity to share concerns ahead of the next RELEM Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission which will take place in Rome in 2024.

Hopefully, that participants will be able to share the rich experience of this gathering when they return to their educational centres.