First in-person meeting of the Commission on Justice and Peace (RELAL – District Bolivia-Peru)

From 18 to 21 March 2024, the Commission on Justice and Peace met in Lima, Peru, for the first time face-to-face, as did all the other Commissions that have met so far.

The members, Brother Óscar Azmitia, District Central America-Panama, Mr Roland Kouabenan Yao (RELAF), not present at this meeting but connected via zoom, and Mr Jerald Joseph, District LEAD (Lasallian East Asia District), Chair of this Commission.

The assembled Commission shared three days of intentions and expectations on an important and significant journey that they will help to take forward together for the good of the Institute.

“These Commissions have been created by the Institute so that these very important questions decided at the General Chapter can be applied throughout the world. In our case, the subject of justice and peace was previously included in the preferential option for the poor, but now it has been highlighted, and the resulting theme of care for Creation, care for Mother Earth, has been added. Therefore, the aim is to think about how these three subjects: justice, peace and the integrity of Creation are to become part of the practice of all Lasallians throughout the world.”

Br. Óscar’s voice was joined by that of Br. Vinicio González, Secretary General of RELAL, who took part in the meeting: “RELAL has hosted this first in-person meeting of the Commission on Justice and Peace because for some years now, various Districts, in particular the Bolivia-Peru District, have already been successfully carrying out various projects on the theme of justice, peace and the integrity of Creation.”

“The Commission on Justice and Peace is trying to listen to what is happening in the continents to try to also listen to the efforts done so far by the La Salle world but also to try to contribute to some new thinking, to some new synergy that will help propel better work as Lasallians responding to the needs of human rights, the needs of poverty, development, climate change.”

“That is why the members of this Commission, with the support of RELAL, are working and reflecting together,” Jerald Joseph reiterates, “and then reporting back to both the Superior General and the General Council during the follow-up Assembly in July 2024.”