La Salle Challenge 2022

La Salle Global | Mexico
With information from the Communications Office of the North Mexico District.

More than an institution, La Salle wants to be a community.  With this conviction, 60 young people from the 6 universities of the North Mexico District met in the Lasallian community of El Salto, Durango, which is a non-formal educational work with the aim of accompanying the human-spiritual and sustainable development of rural communities located in this area of poor connectivity in the north of Mexico.

Together they inaugurated the first mass gathering of young Lasallians since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was an experience of encounter, of creating fraternity, of pursuing to be young people who transcend and have a positive impact on the lives of many people; of dreaming of projects which respond to the thirst for social justice among the people around them and of generating commitments to involve their own houses of study in this rhythm which tries to open up spaces of interiority, service and discernment.

Here are two testimonies from two participants of the meeting
(Read more testimonies on the Mexico North District website)

What I definitely liked most about this experience was the people. I was impressed by the Lasallian community of El Salto. I got an impressive and captivating desire to serve, that desire to serve that calls you to serve and that leaves you with “goose bumps”[1] .

I was even more impressed by the people from El Salto whom I had the privilege of meeting; people who were fighters, passionate and transcendent. I met an elderly lady who was not afraid to start her own business, a father who had lost his daughter and who, hand in hand with God, is moving forward, a young man who has served as a sacristan in his village since he was fifteen years old, and a seventy-one-year-old man who has travelled to many countries delivering conferences, against all expectations.

They, they are admirable people who with their life example motivate us to continue our efforts and create a community that transcends.

Leticia Oyervides Arjona
Universidad La Salle Saltillo
Environmental and Industrial Safety Engineering, 3rd semester

[1] Expression indicating a bodily reaction associated with intense emotions, similar to a shiver with a positive connotation. The expression “it makes the skin bristle” is also used.

The La Salle Challenge 2002 was a great experience. It helped me to strengthen my vocation even more. I am the representative of Centro de Estudios Superiores La Salle; I lived these days in the best way. After several years as a student of different Lasallian Universities, it is the first time that I have attended an event of this nature, enriching my Lasallian spirit while I was surrounded by many young people who share the ideal of leadership in the Lasallian style.

What stands out the most is that, thanks to all the conferences I attended to,  around the meaning of life and transcendence, in addition to the work being done in the community of El Salto, I was able to realise the great desire I have to serve my neighbour, the most needy, the marginalised, those on the peripheries. This experience has helped me to find a new motive for being a De La Salle Brother in a community that transcends.

Br. Fernado Ciscomani Larios
Centro de Estudios Superiores La Salle, Monterrey
Bachelor of Education, 3rd semester