La San Tan Hung Charity School Celebrated 20th Year Anniversary

Brother Simon Thien

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On November 27, La San Tan Hung Charity school celebrated its 20th year anniversary of serving free education to poor children. The school started on August 1, 2000. At that time the Brothers had no land and house to build classrooms, the only thing they had is an urgent need to provide education to poor children out of school that they saw them on streets picking up garbage or selling lottery tickets. They rented a small land, and started to build a leaf house as a classroom for these poor students. Looking back to the founding time, some brothers who served in this first charity classroom tell beautiful stories of serving poor students in this school throughout its history. 

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The ceremony was only able to gather selected students and guests because the school’s space is not large enough to welcome more than a hundred people. There are about fifteen Brothers including Brother Visitor Joseph Le Van Phuong. On behalf of the Brothers, Brother Visitor gave a speech of appreciation for an excellent work that has been done and continues to offer quality education to poor children in coming years. He expressed his gratitude to all Brothers, teachers, benefactors who contribute in making this school success over 20 years of presence and more. 

This school is actually a sign of strong association for educational mission to the poor. There are individuals and organizations from different backgrounds and faiths who stand together to sustain this educational project for the poor. They are teachers, brothers, Lasallian Alumni, Lasallian organizations, religious organizations, NGOs and benefactors who share the same aim which is to provide free education to poor students. Without their support, these poor children can not access education. Thank God for His Providence in this humble project.