The spirituality and the charism of Saint John Baptist De La Salle has inspired the establishment of Institutes of Women Religious.  Currently three Institutes of Sisters form part of the Lasallian Family, sharing the Educational Mission and the charism of our Founder. These are:

The Institute of the Guadalupana De La Salle Sisters from the apostolic zeal and intuition of the Servant of God Br. Juan Fromental Cayroche of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, who after 20 years of apostolic dedication in the Archdiocese of Mexico, saw the need to create a feminine Institute which could collaborate with the Brothers in the Education Mission.

Placed under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe the said Institute would have as its inspiration and guide St. John Baptist De La Salle and as special patron, St. Joseph. The Sisters consecrate themselves to God in order to dedicate themselves to the apostolic ministry of education, according to the charism of Saint John Baptist De La Salle.
(Rule No. 2 )

Hna. Elia Hernández Cárdenas, Superiora General
Hermanas Guadalupanas La Salle
Murcia 11 – C.P. 03920
MÉXICO, D.F. – México
Tel. +52 (5) 598.3545 – Fax +52 (5) 611.8913




The Congregation of the Lasallian Sisters was founded in 1966 by the Brothers of the Christian School (La Salle) in Vietnam to take care of the needs of poor children abandoned because of the civil war in their country.

The Congregation agreed to take on the Rule, Constitution and spirituality which Saint John Baptist De La Salle had given to the Brothers.

Sister MARY Chindahandamrong
La Salle Sisters.
35 Soi La Salle 59,
Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand.
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Nicolas Roland(1642-1678), a young priest from Reims possessed by God was overcome by the destitution of the poor abandoned children who knew nothing of the great love of God for each one of us. In 1670 he took charge of a house of orphans, “these suffering Jesus”, in Reims. He brought from Rouen two Sisters to take care of them, educate them and announce to them Jesus Christ.Open to God and filled with the apostolic currents of his time, he gathered into his house the priests of Reims in order to live more closely Jesus and His Mystery and to learn to speak in a more apostolic way, without rhetoric.Against all odds (the City Council, the Writing-Masters, the Cathedral Chapter), he quickly founded a Congregation of non-cloistered young women to run a school for girls so as to reveal to them Jesus Christ and His Gospel.For him, for the priests, for the Sisters what mattered was not activity nor apostolic projects but belonging to God, leaving to Him the initiative for everything and remaining a docile instrument in His hands.When he fell gravely ill, he confided to John-Baptist De La Salle, his disciple and friend his apostolic zeal towards the young, making him his executor and asking him to take charge of the little community of the Sisters of the Child Jesus and to pursue his apostolic work aimed at the young.He died aged 36, certain that God would make his work live by and through his death, convinced by his little Congregation that “a handful of people heading towards perfection in a beautiful way , regardless of their state in life, render more glory to God than a city or even a province knows how to render to Him”, asking for love, poverty, humility and apostolic zeal in order to make known the work of God.For further information see the blog: Nicolas Roland, témoin passioonné de Jésus-Christ

Soeur Danièle Sautray, Sup.Gen.
Soeurs du Saint Enfant-Jésus
48 rue du Barbâtre
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