Marist Brothers and De La Salle Brothers Annual Meeting 

On 12 February 2024, the General Councils of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Marist Brothers met at the Generalate of the Marist Brothers. 

The main purpose of the meeting was to share the leadership experience of the two religious Congregations. A large part of the meeting was devoted to the evaluation of the Fratelli Project, especially with reference to the experiences of Maicao and Lebanon, with particular attention to the prospects for the common path.

“Inter-congregational sharing is a joy and offers mutual support. It allows us to discover many strengths and challenges that we have in common and encourages both Congregations in life and mission,” said Brother Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General of the Marists.

“This is an experience that has been repeated for some years, at least once a year”, echoed Brother Sergio Leal, Executive Secretary of the General Council of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, “for two Congregations that have the same charism and ask to grow together in spiritual and community life”. “What other initiatives could be implement? How could the existing ones be strengthened? What new ones could we consider? How could we continue with formation programs also for lay associates?” continues Brother Sergio Leal. 

These were the most important questions and issues on which the two congregations reflected. Having the same common origin, that of France, and the same mission centred on education, they met to reflect together also on the major themes and challenges of religious congregations today, as well as sharing their common objectives.  

A Eucharistic celebration and a fraternal dinner concluded the evening together.