Meeting of the Young Brothers of the Delegation of Rwanda

On 25 and 26 August 2023, the Byumba Community had the joy of welcoming 15 young Brothers for an annual Meeting of the Young Brothers of the Delegation of Rwanda.

The purpose of this meeting was not only to get involved as young Brothers in different activities and exercises, but also to exchange on the themes prepared for them, in order to awaken certain key values in the life of the Brother.

Three themes were developed in the company of Brothers Pierre CĂ©lestin Ntagisanimana (director of vocations ministry and formation), Jean Bosco Bigirimana (President of the Delegation), and Pascal Hitiyaremye (participant in the International Assembly of Young Brothers). The themes they discussed were as follows:

  • The identity of the Brother today
  • The centrality of prayer in the life of the religious Brother
  • Being a passionate witness to Christ

The meeting was characterised by moments of exchange on what makes the life of the young Brothers in their respective communities, manual work done together in a fraternal atmosphere with the intention of making them aware of environmental protection, and above all by moments of very rich and lively prayer.

The meetings of the young Brothers of the Delegation of Rwanda help them to

  • raise awareness of the challenges facing the Delegation of Rwanda and the Institute in general,
  • rekindle spiritual fervour,
  • encourage creativity in the Lasallian Mission and in the pastoral ministry of vocations.

The Delegation of Rwanda is made up of 36 Brothers, 7 ministries and 6 communities.

Brother Ferdinand BIZIYAREMYE
Delegation of Rwanda