Message of the Brother Superior General

15 May 2022

God is so good that He not only brings us into existence by His act of creation but
also desires that all of us come to the knowledge of truth.
(MTR 193.1)

Dear Brothers and Lasallians,

We are recalling the life and witness of John Baptist de La Salle at a time when our world is hurting and dark clouds hover above our common home.  Today’s world is, in some ways, similar to that of De La Salle.  We, like the Founder and the first Brothers, are not deterred by present day challenges. Like them, we are called to be communities of hope for the poor and working classes.  We witness to hope knowing that:

God diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge throughout the world by human ministers.  Just as He commanded light to shine out of darkness, so He also kindles a light in the hearts of those whom He has called to announce His word to children, to enlighten them by making the glory of God known to them.
(MTR 193.1)

I am inspired by our Lasallian Family who, through witness to fraternity and concrete acts of solidarity, is contributing to dispel the clouds of darkness through our ministry of human and Christian education.  I am grateful to all the Brothers and Partners who steadfastly witness to the joy of Christ their lives. You are beacons of hope for those tossed about in a sea of despair, violence and environmental desecration.  In so doing, you loudly proclaim: We are in this together and united we stand as sisters and brothers.

The life of John Baptist de La Salle is the story of one man’s quest to find new paths to transforms lives; that is, to discover new ways to announce God’s saving presence as encountered in our lives and world. We honor this holy man and continue the Lasallian story by discovering new ways to form children and young people to treat all persons with brotherly and sisterly affection.  In this way, we become bearers of life and agents of healing for our world.

Happy feast day!

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC
Brother Superior