Message of the Brother Superior

19 June 2020

Out of concern for the wellbeing of all those who will eventually participate in the General Chapter and events related to the Chapter;
After having considered the informed opinion of the various preparatory commissions, the Secretariats and Services of the Generalate and many Visitors;
In view of the authorization received from the Congregation for lnstitutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life:
The Brothers of the General Council and I have approved the following calendar:

AIMEL November 2021
IYBA Sometime between September and December 2021
ISYL Sometime between October and December 2021
46th General Chapter May 2022, Thailand

Details for each event will be sent to you as soon as possible from the various preparatory commissions.

Delegates to the 46th Generai Chapter:

  • The names of Delegates should be sent to Brother Antxon Andueza, Secretary Generai, by 4 September 2021;
  • If your District/Delegation has already elected Delegates, the election stands;
  • If your District/Delegation is in the process of electing Delegates, continue as planned;
  • Particular concems should be addressed to Brother Antxon, Secretary Generai.

In accord with directives from the Holy See, the mandates of Brother Superior and the Brothers of the Generai Council are extended until the Generai Chapter in 2022.

lf you have any immediate concerns, please contact:

AIMEL Brother Nestor Anaya
IYBA Brother Miguel Marcos
ISYL Mr. Keane Palatino
46th General Chapter Brother Jorge Sierra

With gratitude for your pastora I leadership and with warm fraterna I greetings,

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC
Brother Superior