Open minds, touch hearts

A new book which will help the reader to get to know Saint John Baptist de La Salle, entitled Open minds, touch hearts, is now available in bookstores in Spain. It is part of the “Words with a face” collection of Narcea Publishers, it is an introduction to De La Salle’s spirituality, through a series of 75 quotes from the Founder and other texts, chosen and commented on by Brother Jorge Sierra, who is in charge of pastoral ministry within the ARLEP District (Spain and Portugal)

It has the format of a “ield notebook” and it is designed to help in a personal process of accompaniment or for moments of prayer.

John Baptist de La Salle was called to a comfortable and privileged life, but he was moved by the situation of abandoned and uneducated children and young people. Hearing the word of God with deep faith, he set off without looking back. He revolutionized pedagogy and the organization of the school in the 17th century, but he did not do it as a simple teacher, but as a Brother, forming communities of educators willing to dedicate all their strength to human and Christian education. His message was not forgotten: it continues to develop in all countries and after more than three hundred years. Now, it’s up to us to do the job: keep opening minds and touching hearts, putting ourselves at the service of comprehensive education for those most in need.

The book is published by Narcea and all the benefits of the work have been transferred to the NGO PROYDE. More copies can be requested through Narcea Publishers or Lasallian Publications.

We hope that this small work will be useful for young Lasallians and for all of us who feel called, in the presence of God, to “open minds and touch hearts.”