RELEM – First days of a dynamic Assembly

For the past two days, our delegates from the RELEM Region have been working on the theme of our Assembly: leaven for the future, in order to pave the way for the coming years and ensure that we can work even more closely together and by association.

Our aim is to get to know each other better, to better understand the specific characteristics of our Europe-Mediterranean Region, which includes 23 countries and 20 different Languages. To get to know each other better, a fair to discover our Districts was held on Monday, to find out more about what brings us together, and the specific projects that make our differences a strength.

After explaining on Tuesday the process of convergence for a common statement on the “why” and “interest” of our Region, we began by listening to external speakers (the Marist Brothers and the Caritas association) on the themes of our Region: model, opportunities and challenges. We then set up French, English and Spanish-speaking reflection groups to start thinking together.

Wednesday morning was devoted to a presentation of the RELEM, IALU and Young Lasallians teams, the commission of vocations and some ASSEDIL members, before working on the convergence process for a joint statement.

We approved the moderators of the groups and the voting procedure, before splitting into thematic groups.

These first few days were an opportunity to get to know each other, but above all to find our points of convergence, so that the lines of action to come are feasible in our Region.

Big congratulations all the members of the various Districts for their involvement. The commitment of our delegates is proof of our determination to be a force for change within the Institute.