Rights of the Child
Standing for Children (Christian Brothers Conference)


For the Lasallian Family
Thematic Vocabulary of Lasallian Association – Lasallian Essays 3
Bases for a present-day model of the Lasallian Family – Lasallian Essays 4
Lasallian Charism – Lasallian Studies nº 13
Report of the International Assembly 2006
Bulletin nº 251


Publications for Young Lasallians
Profile of Young Lasallian
A History of the Lasallian Youth Movement
Young Lasallians Creed
Young Lasallian and the mission
LUMEN – A publication by and for Young Lasallians


The Ongoing Story
“Lasallian Association. The Ongoing Story.”
(MEL-2) Br. Antonio Botana
“La nueva presencia del Hermano en la Escuela” Br. Antonio Botana
“New Forms of Lasallian Association.” Report for the Visitors’ Meeting, May 2004.
Secretariat for Lasallian Associates. – Br. Antonio Botana
“Lasallian Association for Mission:1679-2007.
A personal reflection on an ongoing story.” Br. Johnston, John


“Colloquium on Association.” – EUROCELAS 2000
“Association: The Policy of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, 1950–2000”
Br. André Jacq
“Brothers and Lay People Associating for a Single Mission.”
– Br. André Jacq
“Association According to De La Salle.”
– Br. Antonio Botana
“Futute Prospects for Creating Association”
– Br. Robert Carlier


Lasallian Identity
“Lasallian Identity. A scheme 3 by 3 + 1.”
– Br. Antonio Botana
Lasallian Identity: Five Documents for a Workshop.
– Associated Commission
“Associated with the God of the Poor. Our consecrated life in the light of the 4th vow.”
Pastoral Letter Dec. 25, 2003 Br. Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría
“Associated with the God of the Poor. Our consecrated life in the light of the 4th vow.”
Pastoral Letter Dec. 25, 2003. Br. Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría


Lasallian Spirituality
“Association in the light of Scripture.”
– Br. Antonio Botana
Lasallian Spirituality
– Br. Gerard Rummery


The Vow of Association
“The Vow of Association, the Heart of the Brother’s Identity.”
– Br. Antonio Botana
“For a better understanding of the Lasallian Association.”
– Br. Michel Sauvage
“The Vows of the Brothers in the History of the Institute.”
– Br. Michel Sauvage
“The Vow of Association: Realizing the Potential.”
– Br. Donald Mouton
“Lasallian Association and the Vow.”
– Br. Luke Salm


“Canonical Aspects of Association.” – Br. Antonio Botana
“The Dynamics of Association for a Lasallian ministry.”
– Br. Antonio Botana
“Association and Communion. Reading to John Baptist de La Salle.”
– Br. Gérard Oustric

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