Third Report of the Fratelli Project

Wars are a tragedy for humanity. None of those involved can continue to be the sameafter living this experience. That is why the Marist Brothers and the De La Salle Christian Brothers have joined in Lebanon to accompany Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese children who have difficulties to study due to the armed conflicts in their countries.

The Third Report of the Fratelli Project is online and available in four languages! The Fratelli Project is a socio-educational project for refugee children and youth of Syrian and Iraqi nationality in Lebanon. 

Located in both in the city of Beirut and on the outskirts of Saida, the Fratelli Project provides education to those who would otherwise not have access to formal education, helps those attending government refugee schools, and prepares youth for admission to public schools.

The two centers assist more than 600 children and young people per day (about 50% are female), aged three to 15, from 2016.

This is the third report on the Fratelli Project. A unique direction has been taken for this report: it will be told by those who live it every day. Through their eyes, we will discover how the Fratelli Project makes a brighter future for hundreds of children and young refugees.

Download the Report in your language and scan the QR code within the document to watch the full interviews and get to know the children, educators, volunteers and young people of this international, inter-congregational and intergenerational project!

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