Bureau of Personnel

The Personnel Office is a central service under the responsibility of Ms. Paola Molinaro, who keeps the registry of our Congregation.

She takes care of all documentation regarding the Brothers, individually and by communities. She does computer data entry that records and works with information received. Based on all this information, she publishes timely reports, statistical analysis and projections as requested. There are forms in PDF format that can be downloaded here.

Contact: Miss Paola Molinaro ()

  • All Forms can now be filled out *on-screen.
  • Information Forms with a due date have a Send button for transmission. Please use it instead of the post.
  • Forms covering Vows or Change of District need multiple signatures, as required by Rule or Chapter legislation. Please print and send by post.
    (*Requires the latest version of the Adobe Reader 7)
Dec 31 C-2 Historical supplement for the calendar year.
Dec 31dic Jun 30 N-1 List of novices.
Dec 31 Mar 31 Jun 30 Sep 30 V-4 TChanges, deaths, and departures of personnel each quarter.

As required
N-3 Minutes of the Chapter held for the admission of novices to first vows.
N-4 Registration form for each newly professed Brother
V-5 T Minutes of the District Chapter for admission to temporary vows.
V-5 P Minutes of the District Chapter for admission to perpetual vows.
V-6 Record of the Vow Ceremony and the making of Vows.
V-11 Transfer from one District to another.

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