Union of Catechists

Union of Catechists of Jesus Crucified and of Mary Immaculate

The Union of Catechists of Jesus Crucified and of Mary Immaculate was founded in Turin by Venerable Br. Teodoreto of the Christian Schools in 1914 with the aim of “forming an association of fervent young people to help them to live in the world an intensely Christian life”, animated by catechistical and educational intentions.

In this intention he was supported, encouraged and advised, not only by his superiors, in the spirit of his Founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle, but also by the Servant of God, Fra Leopoldo Maria Musso, OFM, who accompanied him with prayer and with the words of Jesus Crucified and of Mary Immaculate.

Nowadays the Union of Catechists is a secular Institute for the practice of Christian perfection in the world and for the catechistical and social apostolate in all life and work environments. It includes Catechists, Consecrated persons and Associates and, in a broader sense, the Adorers’ Movement.

Their common ideal: to live, pray, work, and serve for the good of the Church and of Society, drawing on Jesus Crucified, the heart of the world.

Centers in Italy: Casa di Carità (Turin) Spirituality Centre…
Centers in other countries: 2 centres in Asmara (Eritrea), Arequipa and lima (Peru), Zaire, Brazil and the Congo.
Vocational schools: 15

Piero Bernardo Roggero, Presidente
Unione Catechisti di Gesù Crocifisso e di Maria Immacolata
Corso Benedetto Brin, 26 – 10149 TORINO, Italia
Tel. +39 (11) 290.663

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Italia +39

Sede Generalizia Presidente:
Piero Bernardo Roggero
Corso Benedetto Brin 26
10149 Torino – Italia
Tel. +39 011.290.663 Fax +39 011.296.350


Fraternità di Torino
Dott. Vito Moccia (Responsabile)
Corso Benedetto Brin 26 10149 Torino – Italia
Tel./Fax +39 011.290.663

Bolivia +591

Gruppo di La Paz
Edvard, Fredy, Fr. Felipe Ampuero (Referenti)
Radio san Gabriel
El Alto Av. Bolivia 100, Villa Adela
LA PAZ – Bolivia
Tel. +591 (2) 283.39.66 (Dir.)
+591 (2) 283.25.44 (Cent.)
+591 (2) 283.20.29 (Res.)
Fax +591 (2) 283.10.26

Eritrea +291

Gruppo di Asmara
Ezghialawa Ghebrehawariat (Ref.)
Via Adi Quala 11 ASMARA – Eritrea Tel.
+291 (1) 18.15.61

Gruppo di Keren
Fr. Ghebretensae Ghebrecristos (Ref.)
St. Joseph’s School P.O. Box 13 Keren – Ref
Tel. +291 (1) 401.441 (Res.)
+291 (1) 401.057 (School)

Perú +51

Delegazione del Perù e sede della Fraternità di Arequipa
Ing. David Sevillano Pacheco (Resp.)
Instituto Secular Catequistas de Jesùs Crucificado y Marìa Immaculada
Avenida Independencia 250
Apartado 1026 – AREQUIPA- Perú
Tel./Fax +51 54.284.396

Fraternità di Ñaña
Walter Rogerio Silva Portocarrero (Resp.)
Jiron Inca Roca 368 Ñaña-Chaclacayo, Lima 8 (Perù)
Tel. +51 992.663.588

Gruppo di Requena
Vanessa, Ugo, Carina (Referenti)
“Casa La Salle”
Prolong. San Antonio C-5 REQUENA (Via Iquitos)
Tel./Fax +51 (94) 412.082

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