Asociación Calor en la Noche is a socio-educational work, legally constituted as an Association since 2010. It belongs to a network of ministries in the District Arlep, and started its activity in 2002 thanks to a group of people linked to the Colegio La Salle Viña of Cadiz.

This Association now takes another step forward in its social action, dedicated to offering full assistance to the homeless in the city of Cadiz and other cities in the province (Puerto Santa María, San Fernando and Jerez de la Frontera).

The latest innovation is ‘Hogar Parmenia’, a housing resource for the homeless. It was conceived and strongly desired, in addition to the traditional street outreach services and breakfast room for the homeless, to offer a home to those who have no roof under which to shelter.

This new service consists of the opening of a supervised flat in which three homeless persons have been housed since Thursday 2 November 2023. The aim is to be a temporary resource, to enable those in need to support themselves by their own means and to reach their ultimate goal, which is none other than the possibility of being independent and fully reintegrating into society.

The president of the Asociación Calor en la Noche, María de la Palma Mení, explains that ‘the members of the group have been working on this project for months. The first step was to obtain, through the signing of an agreement last May, the cession of a house by a public company of the municipality of Cadiz. Since then, social workers and volunteers from the association have prepared the house and selected the first occupants’.

La Asociación Calor en la Noche es una obra socioeducativa, legalmente constituida como Asociación desde 2010. Pertenece a una red de obras del Distrito Arlep, e inició su actividad en 2002 gracias a un grupo de personas vinculadas al Colegio La Salle Viña de Cádiz.