Association and Mission

Secretariat for Association and Mission: working for a hopeful future

Since our foundation, association for the educational service of the poor has always been a challenging memory. Recently, this was more evident during the reflections of the delegates for AIMEL 2013 and the 45th General Chapter. These two events recognized the lived experience of the Institute in the area of association in recent years and the impact of association in the way we serve the poor through education.

Because it is your duty to teach your disciples every day to know God, to explain to them the truths of the Gospel, and to train them in their practice, you must be entirely filled with God and burning with love for his holy law, so that your words may have their proper effect on your disciples.
Preach by your example, and practice before their eyes what you wish to convince them to believe and to do.

Med. 100. 2 – St. John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719)

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