Relaunch the Consortium, commemorating the heroic vow made by De La Salle together with Nicholas Vuyart and Gabriel Drolin 332 years ago.

In the online modality, with the attendance of more than 100 representatives of various Lasallian institutions from Lasallian Districts and Regions worldwide, on 21 November 2023, as had been previously announced, and with the intention of commemorating the heroic vow of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Nicholas Vuyart and Gabriel Drolin in 1691, the Institute re-launched the Consortium Istituto Convitto Jesus Magister (ICJM).

Ronnie Holmes, President of this new Office, introduced the meeting, thanking all the participants including Br Armin Luistro, Superior General, Br Carlos Gomez, Vicar General, and some of the Councillors present for their support and encouragement regarding this new initiative.

“I am pleased to witness today the relaunch of Istituto Convitto Jesus Magister [ICJM] as a formation institute that will offer continuing learning programs for Lasallians and other educational leaders across the globe.  The ICJM Consortium opens today with 7 institutional partners representing the best Lasallian universities in the world,” expressed the Superior General in his welcome address.

The ICJM Consortium will collaborate with the Commissions, Regional/District/Sectoral Offices for Formation and Mission, and various Lasallian educational institutions, offering ongoing formation and learning programmes for Brothers and Partners throughout the Institute. The continuing formation programmes cover three different areas: Lasallian leadership development; Lasallian pedagogy; religious education/catechesis.

The ICJM Consortium will endeavour to create a more structured programme for Brothers and Lasallian Partners, as well as for members of other religious congregations who wish to take courses in the above-mentioned areas and eventually obtain the relevant advanced diploma.

“As an integral component of the Leavening Project,” continued the Superior General, “we hope that the small initiative we begin today will contribute to the transformation of institutions, communities, and individuals so that they can sustain their passionate engagement in building God’s reign here and now”. ” I am especially grateful to the University Presidents and Rectors present in this virtual launch and count on your continued commitment to seek new pathways that will ensure the vitality of the Lasallian Mission in the world”.

“Many of us have had teachers who were trained at Jesus Magister and who have had a wonderful impact in many places in the Lasallian geography. Certainly, the role played by the institute was crucial in the years following the Second Vatican Council, because it prepared the Brothers’ Institute for epochal changes and greatly influenced the direction of our congregations,” said Brother Carlos Gomez, Vicar General. Brother Carlos also thanked Ronald Holmes and the Presidents of the universities for joining and signing the agreement on the ‘rebirth’ of this important consortium. “May the good Lord bless us and inspire us, in times of creation and advancement, of union and work with common goals, in this new phase that is beginning,” he concluded.

The Presidents involved and called upon during the meeting to express their thanks and personal contribution to this new venture were: Daniel Allen, President of La Salle University, Philadelphia; Enrique González Àlvarez, Rector of Universidad La Salle, Bajio; Br. Nestor Anaya, Rector of Universidad La Salle, Mexico; David Livingston, President of Lewis University; Kenneth Martinez, President of USLS, Bacolod; Br. Bernard Oca, President De La Salle University; Josep M. Santos, Director General, Universitat La Salle Ramon Llul.