The Cause concerns 25 “presumed martyrs”: 8 Carmelite Fathers and 16 Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Eight Brothers included in this process were part of the Community of the Editorial Bruño, the Spanish publishing house that printed school books composed by Brothers for their schools and which were often used in state schools because of their value.

On 30th July 1936, a group of communist militiamen came to the house on the pretext of inspecting it because weapons and money were hidden there. After interrogation, they put the Brothers on a truck and took them to an area of Madrid called Casa de Campo where they were shot.

The other eight Brothers belonged to various other Schools in Madrid. They were hunted down and met the same fate as their Brothers.

  1. Hno. Agustín María (EugenioGarcía Tribaldos) 59 years old
  2. Hno. Anastasio Pedro (Pedro Bruch Cortecáns) 67 years old
  3. Hno. Anselmo Pablo (Miguel Solas Del Val) 46 years old
  4. Hno. Braulio Carlos (Juán Lucas Manzanares) 23 years old
  5. Hno. Braulio José (Alejandro González Blanco) 46 years old
  6. Hno. Crisólogo (Juán Sanz y Palanca) 56 years old
  7. Hno. Eleuterio Román (Eleuterio Mancho López) 38 years old
  8. Hno. Esteban Vicente (Luis Herrero Arnillas) 53 years old
  9. Hno. Ireneo Jacinto (Joaquín Rodríguez Bueno) 26 years old
  10. Hno. Junián Alberto (Alberto José Larrazábal Michelena) 43 years old
  11. Hno. Luis Victorio (Eusebio Angulo Ayala) 42 years old
  12. Hno. Norberto José (Pablo Díaz de Zárate) 44 years old
  13. Hno. Oseas (Guillermo Álvarez Quemada) 46 years old
  14. Hno. Rogaciano (Ignacio González Calzada) 51 years old
  15. Hno. Vidal Ernesto (Ramiro Frías García) 30 years old
  16. Hno. Virginio Pedro (Vicente López y López) 51 years old

Iter of the Cause

11/11/1967: Beginning of the Diocesan Process super martyrio
23/10/1992: Roma, Decree of validity of the Diocesan Process
23/04/1993: Rapporteur: R Ambrogio Eszer, O.P.
30/07/1998: presentation  of the Positio
29/09/2009: Congress of the Theologians
18/10/2011: Plenary of Cardinals and Bishops
19/12/2011 Decree super martyrio
13/10/2013 : Beatification (together with others for a total of 506 Martyrs)

Liturgical memorial: November 6