Blessed Martyrs of Almeria

Brother José Cecilio Rodríguez González
Brother Amalio Zariquiegui Mendoza
Brother Valerio Bernardo Herrero Martínez
Brother Edmigio Primo Rodríguez
Brother Evencio Ricardo Alonso Uyarra
Brother Aurelio María Villalón Acebrón
Brother Teodomiro Joaquin Sáiz Sáiz

Shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, the Popular Front in the Province of Almería gave orders to arrest all enemies of the revolution, especially priests and religious. Five of the Brothers were arrested at their school, two were taken prisoner in the street while on their way to mail letters to their families. Along with many others, including two bishops, these prisoners were confined in a series of makeshift prisons, where they were subjected to privation, mistreatment and ridicule. On the night of August 29, the two bishops, along with 15 others, were taken to an isolated spot where they were lined up and shot. On the next night, 30 August, Brothers Edmigio, Amalio, and Valerio were taken to the outskirts of Tabernas, where they were shot in the head and their bodies thrown into a deep well.

On 8 September, Brothers Evencio and Teodomiro were shot near the roadside, where their bodies were left. Brothers Aurelio and José met a similar fate on September 12, their bodies also thrown into a well. Bishops and Brothers alike were condemned to death without trial for the crime of professing and teaching the Catholic faith.

Brother Edmigio (Isidoro Primo Rodríguez González)
Born at Adalia, Spain April 4, 1881
Entered the novitiate October 8, 1898

Brother Amalio (Justo Zariquiegui Mendoza)
Born at Salinas de Oro, Spain August 6, 1886
Entered the novitiate September 13, 1902

Brother Valerio Bernardo (Marciano Herrero Martínez)
Born at Porquera, Spain July 11, 1909
Entered the novitiate February 1, 1926

Brother Teodomiro Joaquín (Adrián Sáiz Sáiz)
Born at Puentedey, Spain September 8, 1907
Entered the novitiate August 15, 1923

Brother Evencio Ricardo (Eusebio Alonso Uyarra)
Born at Viloria, Spain March 5, 1907
Entered the novitiate February 2, 1923

Brother Aurelio María (Bienvenido Villalón Acebrón)
Born at Zafra de Záncara, Spain March 22, 1890
Entered the novitiate August 22, 1906

Brother José Cecilio (Bonifacio Rodríguez González)
Born 14 May 1885, in La Molina de Ubierna, Spain
Entered the novitiate November 21, 1901

Marrtyred in Spain, August-September 1936
Beatified October 10, 1993

BB. Martyres Almerienses