The Cause includes 2 bishops (Didacus Ventaja Milán and Emmanuel Medina Olmos) and 7 Brothers of the Christian Schools. In 1936 the city of Almería had 19 Brothers of the Christian Schools: 15 were working at San José College and 4 at Las Chocillas School. Seven were chosen by God to be glorified with the palm of martyrdom. They died in two different circumstances and on different dates in the year 1936, but in the same way: they were transported in a truck to the Tabernas area, in the place called “Venta de los Yesos”, where there were dry and abandoned wells. These were the Brothers:

Brother Edmigio (Isidoro Primo Rodríguez González) 55 years old
Born at Adalia, Spain April 4, 1881
Entered the novitiate October 8, 1898

Brother Amalio (Justo Zariquiegui Mendoza) 50 years old
Born at Salinas de Oro, Spain August 6, 1886
Entered the novitiate September 13, 1902

Brother Valerio Bernardo (Marciano Herrero Martínez) 27 years old
Born at Porquera, Spain July 11, 1909
Entered the novitiate February 1, 1926

Brother Teodomiro Joaquín (Adrián Sáiz Sáiz) 29 years old
Born at Puentedey, Spain September 8, 1907
Entered the novitiate August 15, 1923

Brother Evencio Ricardo (Eusebio Alonso Uyarra) 29 years old
Born at Viloria, Spain March 5, 1907
Entered the novitiate February 2, 1923

Brother Aurelio María (Bienvenido Villalón Acebrón) 46 years old
Born at Zafra de Záncara, Spain March 22, 1890
Entered the novitiate August 22, 1906

Brother José Cecilio (Bonifacio Rodríguez González) 51 years old
Born 14 May 1885, in La Molina de Ubierna, Spain
Entered the novitiate November 21, 1901

Iter of the Cause:

07/02/1956: Beginning of the Diocesan Process super martyrio
13/01/1989: Rapporteur: Fr. Ambrogio Eszer, O.P.
05/12/1990: Presentation of the Positio
29/05/1992: Congress of Theologians
06/10/1992: Plenary of Cardinals and Bishops
21/12/1992: Decree super martyrio
10/10/1993:  Beatification – H.H. John Paul II
06/05/1 994: Brief of Beatification 

Liturgical memorial: November 6

BB. Martyres Almerienses