Estudiantina La Salle from Puebla, Mexico

With information sent by:Alfredo Martínez, Director

Throughout the Lasallian world there are a series of artistic expressions that enrich the culture of the environments in which they share their creations and that help to maintain the “spirit of the times” and the transmission of local traditions and identities, the Lasallian charism and the knowledge of other forms of art in other parts of the world.

This is how in Mexico the “tunas” and the “estudiantinas” play a leading role in the musical environment of schools, towns, schools and universities. These are musical groups that use their voices, with some string and percussion instruments and colorful uniforms, to bring joy and culture as they represent their localities or educational institutions.

The Estudiantina La Salle of Puebla, Mexico is a musical institution founded in 1964 at Colegio Benavente in Puebla, Mexico. The purpose of this group is to carry La Salle’s message through music.

It is a group that is educational by its altruistic nature. For 55 years, the Estudiantina has been led by Mr. Alfredo Martínez Vázquez who, at 81 years of age, continues to lead it as president.

Its members are young students between the ages of 15 and 25.

The group has toured internationally, including the United States and Central America. On the last trip to New York, they visited the Brothers’ and school communities in Manhattan and New Jersey. This group has made 6 records.

Every five years they hold a meeting and present a concert for all ages, and every year the “former tunos” present a concert for a nursing home or orphanage as part of a project called #TunosPorSiempre.

Now there is a new initiative, as part of the activities that were created as a result of the confinement due to the pandemic that we are experiencing. The idea was to develop a video dedicated to all the De La Salle Brothers around the world, especially those who are retired, in the only way we can thank them: by singing.

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