During the first week of June, a delegation from the Lasallian District of Ireland-Great Britain-Malta visited the Arlep District (Lasallian Association of Spain and Portugal), and held meetings with the District’s Animation Team and the MEL Council.

“The aim of the visit, in addition to sharing different experiences and strengthening bonds, was to get to know first-hand about the reality of both Districts, their organisation and the current challenges,” reads a note published by the Arlep District

The agenda began with a visit to the communities and the Elderly Brothers’ Nursing Home in Griñón, near Madrid, where there was time for encounters and conversations with the elderly Brothers.  

Then, on 4 and 5 June, there were “meetings of both animation teams to share about the organisation of the District, formation, association, the conclusions of the recent Lasallian Educational Mission Assemblies (MEL) of both Districts”, while at the same time addressing the “challenges encountered after the II RELEM AMEL, and how we are moving forward in the dynamism emerging from the Leavening Project”. “This part of the meeting ended by identifying future actions that will allow us to get to know each other better and to move forward together on some topics“. 

On 6 June the encounter continued with the meeting of the MEL Councils of both Districts, “sharing the functioning of the Councils, the reality of both Districts and the opportunities for a shared future”. 

On Friday 7 June the group from the District of Ireland-Britain-Malta went to Colegio La Salle Sagrado Corazón in Madrid to learn about the development of the “Nuevo Contexto de Aprendizaje (NCA) – New Context for Learning.

“This week has been valued very positively by all the participants, where fraternity, closeness, transparency in communication and the enthusiasm for continuing to foster the identity and vitality of the educational works and Lasallian communities have been manifested“, were some of the conclusions of this inter-District encounter. “There was also time for prayer, Eucharist celebration and socials, and all that contributed to the success of the experience”.