Help us bring clean drinking water to hundreds of children at the Lasallian school ‘San Isidro Labrador’ in Pozo Colorado, Paraguay.

In the semi-arid area of Pozo Colorado, Paraguay, many boys and girls do not attend school because they are too far away from it, working from an early age with their parents in local agricultural ‘haciendas’ and receiving very low wages.

In our Lasallian primary and secondary school “San Isidro Labrador” we counteract this problem with dormitories that allow our students to attend school without having to travel long distances every day.

But there is another serious problem that prevents them from sitting on their school desks and building a better future for themselves: the lack of water!

What can we achieve together?

In the dry season, water shortages plague the entire region, forcing schools to close and disrupting educational activities for hundreds of boys and girls. That is why we are building a water supply system designed to last 50 years! This system will not only enable the school to secure the entire school year for the next generation of students, but will also facilitate access to water for 3,000 people in neighbouring communities

You can take part too!

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