The pastoral letter for this year that is drawing to a close, written by Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, opens by recalling some words from Circular 455: “the need for authentic interior life and community life […] in order to live our Brotherhood in the simplicity of the Gospel”

This pastoral letter focuses above all on the virtue of hope as the driving force and priority for the 46th General Chapter. Hope that passes through the difficult present and the world crisis that the pandemic is causing throughout the world. “The one who has hope lives differently; […] a Brother filled with Christian hope not only lives differently but makes a difference in the lives of others.” Hope and prayer, then, because “to be men of Christian hope one must be men of prayer,” writes Brother Robert. The source of our hope is the Brothers, young and old, and those who transmit the Good News throughout the world. “John Baptist de La Salle embodied this sense of hope. He continues to be our inspiration,” says Brother Robert in another passage of his pastoral letter. Inspiration that once again should guide the work of the Delegates to the 46th General Chapter, so that they “make courageous decisions to renew the face of the Institute”.